Together for the Greater Good

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Strategic Sustainability Planning

Embedding Organizational Change

I specialize in plans and programs designed to shift organizations to a more sustainable way of being. Whether it's a holistic organizational plan, a strategy to reduce emissions, or a program designed to lower the impact of a specific activity like waste or transportation, I can help embed sustainability into your organizational culture.

Sustainability Visioning
& Engagement

Goal Setting for a Brighter Future

Sustainability is a complicated idea with many competing definitions and frameworks. I offer workshops to clarify what sustainability means and foster a shared and common sustainability literacy within your group or organization. 

Educational Programming

Empowering Future Climate Leaders

I am passionate about education and believe one of our best tools for solving the climate crisis is capacity building. I design and deliver sustainability programming from k-12 to university levels centred around the UN Sustainable Development Goals, inspiring climate action, and team-building for collective problem-solving.