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Cecilia Jaques Sustainability Consulting

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"Cecilia is a talented sustainability expert who is able to think in innovative and practical ways. Her background in science communication, transdisciplinary tools, sustainability frameworks and climate action makes her well-equipped to work in the sustainability space. Cecilia is also an excellent speaker, and has been featured as a guest lecturer on the topic of climate science communication  at the Lund University Center for Sustainability Studies!"

Mine Islar - Lund University

"We recently had Cecilia join us as a guest lecturer in our MBA program where she shared her insights on sustainability and its importance in business. Cecilia’s passion was evident in her presentation as she showcased her expertise. Her ability to effectively convey complex ideas greatly added to our understanding of strategic sustainability."

Henry Cho - SFU Beedie School of Business

"As Co-Chair of the Burnaby Youth Sustainability Network 2019-2020, I have been lucky to work with Cecilia. Detail-oriented and eloquent, I believe Cecilia can enhance any organization's desire for sustainability programming. As a presenter, she delivered clear instructions and thoughtful messages to all participants during our events confidently. To me, Cecilia is a resourceful and supportive mentor. I am sure she will have a positive impact on any organization!"

Emily Ng - BYSN

Consulting for the Greater Good

Cecilia specializes in strategic sustainability planning, facilitation, youth engagement for climate justice, and action-oriented educational programming.

Currently taking on projects in British Columbia aimed at creating a more just and sustainable world.

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